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About Us

Hornitex Philippines, Inc.(HPI) is a duly registered Philippine Corporation established in December 2001. Abrasive 2000 Corporation, a sister company, pioneered the exclusive distributorship of the Hornitex Werker gmbH and co. KG. Germany’s HDF laminated flooring since 1997 and has turned over the distributorship to HPI upon it’s established date. The company started selling directly to high rise projects and houses before venturing into dealership. Having a nationwide distribution partners and being present in all major Home Depots and leading Construction Finishing Stores in Metro Manila, has lead the way for HPI to being the leader in the market. Until now, Hornitex is the leading HDF laminated wood flooring brand in our country.

Our long year of involvement in the finishing industry has now become our tool in facing new challenges. With our commitment of meeting customer satisfaction, we are doing continuous research of the latest products, introduce new brands and providing the market with other competitive finishing materials. With the ultimate goal of adding beauty and value to every home, our products are designed and constructed to meet standards and specifications. All products are carefully selected to ensure lasting durability and timeless performance.

At HPI, employees from all parts of the company, such as Sales, Marketing, Research & Development, Logistics, and Customer Service, understand that people love their homes. So, rest assured that everyone is working hand-in-hand to meet these lifestyle needs and turning every home more beautiful, more valuable and more enjoyable.


The idea of introducing laminated flooring to the Philippines came in 1990. This move started the answer to
the demand of wooden flooring in the country.

In 1997, We became the sole distributor of Hornitex Germany laminated flooring, selling directly and
installing limited flooring to end user houses and business establishment, expanding to high rise
buildings and institutional projects.

In 2002, the company became Hornitex Phils. Inc., giving its products a strong identity in
the market. At the same year the brand Optima was created as the company moved its business
to other product lines such as doors, walls and ceilings, decorative sheets, baseboards and acoustic boards.

In 2005, Hornitex Phils. Inc. acquired the sole distributorship of Kronotex Germany, the world’s
largest manufacturing of laminated flooring.

At present, Hornitex Phils. Inc. is the country’s largest distributor of laminated flooring and other products,
having a total of almost 400 dealers nationwide including top big box construction companies, builders and mall operators.

Unit 403 Dolmar Building
No.56 EDSA Wack-Wack,
Mandaluyong City 1550

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